Effective maintenance tips for Screen Printing Shops


The below mentioned tips helps to look after the Screen Printing shop clean and perfect while working.

For effective printing, the equipment we use should be clean.

The Screen printing shop should be maintained clean to avoid disturbances during work due to dirt.

Squeegee is used in Screen printing. It should be kept clean else the ink we use may not be evenly distributed on the screen.

The ink to the squeegee should be cleaned properly as the combination of colour we use and the colour to the squeegee may spoil our pattern or design. .
The shopkeeper should check the equipments whether they are in a good condition to work with.

The ink spilled in the working place should be cleaned immediately so that there won’t be any mark which is difficult to clean.

Use gloves to avoid equipment from getting dirty. Keep changing the gloves to be clean.

Arrange the equipment in an order as per the requirement.

We can also arrange the equipment in an alphabetical order to find it easily without wasting time in searching.

Time is very important in any business.

If the printing done in time we can get more benefits, else we may face losses.


The quality of printing should be maintained reaching customers expectations.

If we maintain quality and quantity, we can have a good business with high profits.

Should have basic knowledge on how to use the equipment to avoid wastage or loss.

Keep the things organized to avoid confusion. Labelling is also a good habit.

Wet dirt should be cleaned immediately before it gets dried as accumulation takes pace.

The waste clothes can be used for cleaning too.

If the shop is clean, then the clothes or paper or wood or water gets the work done perfectly and fast.

There should be set of spare parts in case needed in the middle of the work. Thus it will stop us from running whenever we need them.

Production should never be stopped for any reason.

The thing, on which printing takes place, should be kept away from ink so that we can stop disaster from happening.

Avoid keeping your belongings at the workplace.

Take safety precautions while working with any chemical.

Carry the maintenance book always while working.

Carry the guidance book too while working.

The sweeping should be definitely done daily to avoid the machines from getting dust.

Keep checking the squeegee, as over using it may get an uneven surface.

If we maintain the equipment cleanly by checking time to time, its lifetime increases.

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